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We have the capabilities and technologies to create a range of nutritional powders for all life stages.

All our products are available in both 400g and 900g can formats.

Maternal Nutrition

We understand that a healthy baby starts with a healthy mum. That's why we offer a range of maternal nutrition powder recipes to enable your brand expansion.

Infant Nutrition

With world renown product formulation expertise and the latest wet and dry processing technologies, we offer a range of infant and toddler nutrition recipes to suit your brand; or we can manufacture your own proprietary recipes.

Growing Up Milk

Growing bodies and growing minds need all the nourishment they can get. Our growing up and children's milks contain essential nutrients to help little ones thrive throughout their busy days.

Wellbeing Products

Staying healthy throughout life is one of the keys to happiness. Getting all the nutrients your body needs is vital, no matter your age. We can work with your team to create products that help your consumers enjoy life and stay healthy. 

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