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Pure Nutrition is a joint venture between Westland Milk Products, New Zealand's second largest dairy co-operative, and Hong Kong Stock Exchange listed Ausnutria. After many successful years working together, the two companies recognised the opportunity to bring customers a unique offering.

We've combined Westland Milk Product's special West Coast  location, more than 80 years of dairy heritage, and expertise in developing and producing formulated powders, with Ausnutria's expertise in nutritional consumer brands. Pure Nutrition offers all the quality you would expect from a New Zealand dairy company, but with unrivalled supply chain integration - a genuine cow to can story.

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Our Home

Proud West Coast Origins


Our milk story starts on the West Coast of New Zealand's South Island - the home of Westland Milk Products.

Our special Place

A Unique Environment


The West Coast is famous for its stunning scenery, clear waters, fresh air and high rainfall.

Dairy Country

Designed By Nature For Dairy


High rainfall and fertile soils make the West Coast a great place to grow grass for free range farming.

Happy Cows

Healthy Cows, Quality Milk


The Westland Milk Products herd has more Jersey and Jersey-cross cows than almost anywhere else in New Zealand. They are renown for producing high quality, rich creamy milk.

150 Years Expertise

A Long Proud History


Farming began on the West Coast in the1800's, and Westland Milk Products was established in 1937 from its founding co-operative, the Hokitika Dairy Company.

Latest Technology

Nutritional Expertise


Westland Milk Products is one of New Zealand's leading producers of complex nutritional powders, with two dedicated production plants, and a development centre.

Crafted For You

Your Recipe or Ours


At the Pure Nutrition facilities near Christchurch, we can manufacture to your recipe, or our development team can work with you to create the right range for you.

Peace of Mind

Quality products and Total Supply Chain Integrity


Only Pure Nutrition offers sophisticated consumer-ready nutritional products with the peace of mind that comes from cow-to-can integration of the supply chain, as well as the magic of our West Coast origins.

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